About Us

Adventures can only be found through days away in the mountains, on wild rivers and the open ocean, right? While the answer can of course be yes…we think something slightly different.   

Channel Adventure, a Community Interest Company (CIC) want to get as many people outside having fun, being active and recognising the potential for adventure that is right on their doorstep.  Our lives are simply better as a result of having access to adventure, challenging as well as immersing ourselves in our wonderful natural environment…quite often, literally.  With this in mind, we want to share our outdoor spaces with everyone. Which is why our centres are fully accessible as is our kit and equipment. Our activities are fully inclusive and allow the level of challenge to be set by an individual rather than be dictated by the environment…or an instructor!


Channel Adventure CIC strives to provide high quality experiences for the lowest possible cost (or free) to members of our community that might not typically be able access adventurous activities. Either through our partnership work with other social enterprises and charities. Or, if you book a birthday party, hen do or hire some of our excellent equipment, we take that money and use it to provide opportunities for children that might not have the chance to share in these brilliant experiences.    


Whatever your adventurous ideas or aspirations are, get in touch we’d love to hear from you.     



Hen Party Somerset
Hen Party Somerset