NOWCA swim

NOWCA swim

So, what is the NOWCA swim?!  Good question.

NOWCA swim is a Free UK wide open water swim that takes place at registered venues and has been set up by NOWCA.  The Adventure Centre in Minehead is our registered NOWCA venue and we run our swims biweekly over the summer.

The NOWCA swim is a 400m course and allows you to enjoy your outdoor swimming experiecne in a safe and regulated environment whilst following best practice guidlines and tracking your performance.

The aim of NOWCA is to build a community of passionate open water swimmers, allowing them to swim regularly in stunning, registered NOWCA venues in the UK. We are very proud to be a registered NOWCA venue and now its time for us to shout about it and get you all involved.

How NOWCA swims work?

1. Register and purchase your NOWCA safery band online. £12 a year, giving access to all NOWCA venues and free NOWCA swims.

2. Collect your band from your nominated venue, chosen when registering.

3. Turn up to any NOWCA swim and take part for free. 

All our NOWCA swim dates for 2018 are yet to be confirmed. You can sign up to our NOWCA e-news which will keep you updated.

On the Day

For Channel Adventure NOWCA swims, you can arrive at The Adventure Centre 10 minutes before the swim in order to get changed. If you do not have a professional swim wetsuit you can hire out one of our Zone 3 wet suits for £3 per swim – so there’s no excuse. One of our team members will then accompany you across to the sea where you can scan your wristband and begin your swim. Once you’ve completed the course we will scan you out and all your swim information will be emailed to you. 


For those of you that have never experienced an outdoor swim, but are still interested, take a look at our Give it a Go swim session to learn the fundamentals and see what all the fuss is about. We are sure you’ll love it just as much as we do.