So, we are now officially 1 week into 2019. And naturally, we have all got caught up in the New Years Resolutions talks!

We believe that resolutions should highlight what’s gone well in the past year and what you should continue to do in the New Year. After looking back at 2018 (what a great year it was!) we have decided to continue focusing our efforts on what went well and how we can keep it up.

Here is our short list of three things that we will be focusing on in 2019.

  1. Get Outdoors

Pretty weird for an adventure centre to have this as a resolution, right? Right! We have made a significant effort to get outdoors in 2018, and by this we mean, getting outdoors in our own time. It’s easy for our instructors to get fresh air as they work outdoors 90% of the time during the summer, but over the winter months, it is easy to stay inside to clean kit or plan upcoming events and of course the office staff work indoors most of the year.
As a team, we made a conscious effort to get outside for at least half an hour together every day (not working!)in 2018. These efforts ranged from running on lunch breaks, picnic lunches on the beach, mountain biking over the hills, spending our evenings’ coasteering in Torquay or going for a sunset paddle after work.
This not only enabled us to get fitter throughout the year but it also greatly increased productivity and staff satisfaction.

As an outdoor adventure company, it can be easy to overlook being outside as – it’s our job!  But for us, it is important to reconnect and take time to appreciate the outdoors in our own way and remind us what lead us to do this job in the first place.

This is one resolution in 2019 that we will be working hard to keep.

  1. Look after our environment

As some of you may already know. This year, we became part of the ‘Plastic Free Minehead’ committee. Through this, we have been able to arrange and facilitate beach and river cleans. We have also been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to host a 2-minute Beach Clean board outside our centre. This has been in place throughout the year, encouraging both locals and visitors to take 2 minutes out of their day to keep our environment clean.
As well as this, we are also in the process of becoming one of Minehead’s first plastic-free businesses! We have made significant changes in our working environment to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics and are hoping others will follow suit.

We only have one planet and it is extremely important to us to look after it. We already have some great beach clean events lined up for 2019 – the first one taking place in January, so make this your resolution too and join us!


  1. Take on a challenge

We are lucky that Channel Events is part of the Channel Group. Our staff regularly volunteer at each event and it is great to be part of the atmosphere, to see and encourage those individuals taking part in the various outdoor events. However, this year we want to get stuck in! We believe that it is so important to take part in a challenge, not only are you working towards achieving something great but the feeling that you get once you have achieved it is like no other! So, for 2019 we have all agreed to take on a new challenge, whether that be as a team or as individuals – let’s do it!


So, that’s us – no overthinking or reinventing ourselves, nothing too deep just carry on doing what works and dare to live a little more 😉

Happy new year, from the Channel Team!

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